VPX Power Supplies, 3U and 6U VITA 62 compliant

Behlman has a large selection of VPXtra™ series COTS power supplies that are both  3U and 6U, VITA 62, OpenVPX compliant. These COTS DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies are rugged, reliable, conduction cooled, switch mode units built for high-end industrial and military airborne, shipboard, ground and mobile applications.

Behlman has the ability to reconfigure its standard units to meet customer requirements without the cost of full-custom development.


VME Power Supplies

Behlman VME COTS power supplies are ruggedly made, highly reliable, switch mode units built for high-end industrial or Military applications. These units are powered from either single or three-phase AC power and can supply a variety of DC outputs. These rugged COTS power supplies are built to support the rigor of airborne, shipboard and ground and mobile applications and designed to meet the input power requirements of MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-1399.


Intelligent Chassis Manager

Behlman's IQCM20-A or B is an easy to use Intelligent Chassis Manager, an embedded product used to manage and monitor the health of a Chassis/Rack or any electronic enclosure. It is designed to monitor different environmental parameters like temperature, pressure and humidity. It can also ,easure various standard and custom voltages. All the monitored values will be displayed on the GUI.

VPX Power Supplies / VME Power Supplies / Intelligent Chassis Manager
VPX Series

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VME Series

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IQCM20 Series

Behlman’s IQCM20-A or -B is an easy to use Intelligent Chassis Manager, an embedded product used to manage and monitor the health o...

Rugged, reliable COTS VPX and VME power supplies for a variety of Mil applications:
  • Avionics and aircraft
  • Radar
  • Railroad signaling
  • Simulators & Trainers
  • Airborne, shipboard, ground and mobile


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