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You may use this table to communicate your power source requirement. If the table does not fit your needs, Please just use the text box provided below.

Parameter Your Value Just Some Example
Input Voltage
120 Vac, L-N, single phase 120/208 VAC, L-L three phase 125 VDC
Input Frequency
60 Hz 50 Hz 400 Hz
Output Voltage
120 VAC, L-N, single phase 120/208 VAC, L-L, three phase Adjustable 0-135 VAC, L-N or L-L, 28 VDC
Output Frequency
50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz Adjustable 45-500 Hz
Output Current
10 Amps / Phase 2 Amps

If Specifying a Multi-output AC-DC or DC-DC for a COTS requirements or build to print, use the text box below to tell us the output voltages and currents.

Please tell us any additional options you may need.


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