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Dealing with AC Line Harmonics in Three-phase Inputs

These days, more and more loads connected to AC power lines draw currents that are not sinusoidal. The typical example is the AC supply for a computer. When AC voltage is applied to the power supply’s diode bridge (see Figure … Continue reading

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Using Inverters to Back Up SCADA Systems in Power Substations

In today’s increasingly automated world, system controls must be highly reliable; and the more critical the resource is, the more foolproof the control system must be. For power utility substations, the need for continuous facility control under any circumstance demands … Continue reading

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The VPX Story

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably well-acquainted with the power-electronics market. For the sake of common cause, though, let’s take a few minutes to review one of the most significant developments in recent years in the field of embedded … Continue reading

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