Celebrate Manufacturing Day

The second annual Manufacturing Day arrives on October 4, and we’ll be quietly celebrating the achievements of American manufacturers by manufacturing some of the finest power electronics in the world. It’s not that we don’t care (we do!); it’s just that we’re busy.

Just this month, we received orders for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy for power supply equipment that we must deliver in a timely manner.

Just because we aren’t openly participating in the activities surrounding Manufacturing Day this year, we don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm around such a worthy cause. As a manufacturer, we take pride in the work we do and appreciate the hard work that other U.S. manufacturers do.

Begun just last year, Manufacturing Day was launched to address common misconceptions the public has about manufacturing. “By working together during and after Manufacturing Day, manufacturers will begin to address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing, and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry,” the organizers wrote. Sponsors include: the Alliance for American Manufacturing, the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, the Manufacturing Institute, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Institute of Standards & Technology, and the Precision Metalforming Association.

The goal of Manufacturing Day is to educate the public as to:

  • What modern manufacturing facilities are really like these days.
  • What companies located in your community make and who they sell to.
  • What kinds of jobs are available in manufacturing.
  • What skills and education are needed to qualify for today’s manufacturing jobs.

Last year, over 240 organizations hosted events in 37 states that attracted more than 7,000 visitors. This year, organizers expect to double those numbers. We wish them well in their efforts.

And maybe next year, we’ll have the opportunity to join in the celebration fully.

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