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If you plug your product’s power cord into any unregulated standard factory ac main, there is a possibility that the power you are using could corrupt any testing you do. The quality of ac power can degrade the performance of equipment being tested. Corrupted ac power can make equipment appear to be on-spec when it is off-spec, or off-spec when it is on-spec. Either way, bad test results can be costly. They can bring unnecessary engineering time spent fixing non-poblems, or worse, result in costly fixes of faulty units in the field, with a simuaneous loss of customer confidence


The latest power supply technology finally catches up to the past, as VPX goes ‘back to the future.’

Flexible Power for Critical Mission Systems

The need for a new power supply paradigm is upon us, whether to be used for testing, measuring, design engineering, manufacturing, commercial or industrial applications, or global military operations...

Smart Power for Smart Systems

With the current need for smart systems with more computing power, lighter weight and smaller size, the need for smart power to compliment these systems becomes even more important...

Military Modernization and Power Conditioning

Virtually all the major defense prime contractors are designing new systems using standard electronics. The system designer then conditions the environment so that it doesn’t exceed the commercial specifications...

Is Your Factory Power Source Corrupting Your Product Testing?

Occasional power quality issues can disrupt your operations. AC mains fluctuations in a typical production facility are a result of heavy loads that vary during a typical day...

Thermal management and cost of ownership in power systems

Power management is also thermal management. Excess heat generated by power systems places additional burdens on their cooling technology...

Motor Testing, the theory behind BEHLMAN

It is generally difficult to start motors because the peak current required to start a motor can be in the range of 3-6 times the current needed to run the motor at full load...

COTS power supplies: the solution or the starting point?

It is all too easy to be lulled into believing that COTS products are always the most economical. That is not always true...

Basic AC Terminology

What is Voltage, Amps, Watts, Power Factor, VA...

Basic AC Power Source Configurations

Single phase, split single phase, three phase, WYE and Delta configurations, how to calculate line to line voltage...

Typical AC Power Voltages

US and International Utility voltages, Aircraft and Shipboard voltages and frequencies...

Frequencies and Voltages around the World

Listing of Countries with their Voltages and Frequencies…

Modified COTS Power Supplies Provide Optimum Solutions

What are they and how do they reduce cost? An article in July/August 2005 issue of Mil/COTS Digest

Will "Wild" Frequency become the Standard in the Wild Blue Yonder?

Industry Viewpoint in November/December 2005 MIL/COTS Digest

Form-fit-function replacement power supplies breath new life into old systems

Opinion page in April 2006 Military & Aerospace Electronics

AC Power Converters Ensure Consistent Testing

An Article in Appliance Magazine in June 2006 and on their website

Today's Civilian, Military Power Conditioning

An Article in Electronic Products Magazine in March 2008 and on their website

Cutting AC Line Harmonics: A Three-Phase challenge

Today, an increasing portion of loads connected to AC supply lines draw currents that are not sinusoidal...


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