ACDC-1250 True-On-Line DC to AC Inverter for Sub-Stations and Military Applications

The Behlman ACDC-1250 Inverter delivers 1250 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a 5.25” high rack mount chassis. It was designed to operate reliably in a utility or industrial environment where power surges and transients are a concern. In the event of loss of AC input the ACDC will automatically switch to your DC source in ZERO time. The ACDC can be factory set for AC or DC primary input operation mode. The ACDC Inverter continuously conditions the incoming power, providing a high quality sine wave output with very little distortion.

The ACDC Inverter is ideal for use in substations and utilities where sensitive station electronics require clean,

surge protected and regulated AC.

ACDC-1250 True-On-Line DC to AC Inverter for Sub-Stations and Military Applications
ACDC - DC-AC Inverter
Model Power (VA) Output Volts VAC (RMS) Output Current (Amps) Frequency (Hz) Input (VDC) Dimensions (19” Rack-Mount)
ACDC-1250 1250 120 10.4 60 48 VDC, 125 VDC or 120 VAC 5.25”H X 19”D
  • Sine wave output
  • Zero switchover time
  • AC and DC inputs with bypass
  • Low output THD
  • Unique overload protection
  • Status and alarms

The ACDC Inverter has all the features our customers have come to expect from Behlman; a clean regulated sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion in a compact enclosure. The ACDC Inverter contains a unique overload protection system that folds back the voltage to maintain maximum rated current without distorting the output waveform. The unit has LED indicators on the front panel and status and alarm contacts on the rear. These contacts can be utilized by a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. In the event of an inverter failure the unit has an automatic bypass that switches in zero time to ensure that the output power is maintained

The ACDC Inverter is ideal for use in substations and utilities where sensitive station electronics require clean, surge protected and regulated AC.

Rugged, reliable used in a variety of applications:

  • Utilities SCADA Systems
  • Remote Sites
  • Mobile, Military and Inductrial
  • DC to AC Power conversion




            AC:                  120VAC +/- 10%, single-phase, 47-63 Hz

            DC:                  48 VDC +/- 20% or 125 VDC +/- 20%

                                    Maximum DC burden (full load):40 amps DC @ 38 VDC, 15 amps DC @ 100 VDC



Power:                           1250 VA

Voltage:                         120 VAC +/- 5%, 60 Hz, isolated

Current:                         10.4 Amps

Crest Factor:                  3:1

Power Factor:                100% of rated output into any power factor load

Distortion:                     <3% THD typical                          

Line Regulation:            +/- 0.3% for +/- 10% line change

Load Regulation:           +/- 1.0%, no load to full load

Efficiency:                    80% typical

Switch-over time:          Zero, AC-DC, or DC-AC




Input:                           Main circuit breaker

Constant Current:         Overload automatically causes voltage fold-back to provide maximum current without distorting output waveform

Short Circuit:                Short circuit overload electronically latches output open to protect load...  power restored by cycling input power

Thermal:                      Internal temperature sensor shuts off output to prevent heat damage

Bypass:                       If unit fails, the AC input will be routed to the output




Power On/Off:               Circuit breaker

Indicators:                    DC PresentSystem OK, AC OutputAC Present

Bypass Fuse:               15 Amps




Contact closures:          AC IN, DC IN, AC OUT, SYS OK

Contact rating:              0.6 Amps @ 125 VAC; 0.8 Amps @ 110 VDC; 2 Amps @ 30 VDC




Dimensions:                   High-strength rack-mount Chassis 17”W X 5.25”H X 19”D (43.2 cm X 13.3 cm X 48.3 cm)                    

Weight:                          65 lbs (20.5 kgs)

Input Connections:          Barrier strip on rear

Output Connections:        Four NEMA 5-15 receptacles on rear

Alarms Connections:        Barrier strip on rear

Operating Temperature:    -4° to 131° F (-20° to 55° C)

Humidity:                        Up to 95% non-condensing

SWC:                             Designed to meet IEEE C37.90.1

Fast transient:                Designed to meet IEEE C37.90.1

EMI:                              Designed for immunity to conducted & radiated EMI

RFI:                               Designed to meet IEEE C37.90.2-1997


OPTIONS: Contact factory for additional options


D1:                                DC preferred. In the event the DC voltage goes below an acceptable value the input will switch to AC

TB:                                Barrier strip on rear in place of NEMA 5-15 receptacles

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▶ ACDC-1250 True-On-Line DC to AC Inverter for Sub-Stations and Military Applications


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