BLC Series

BLC High Power, AC Power Supplies

Behlman’s BLC Series AC Power Sources supply clean, regulated AC power in a rugged design at competitive prices. The BLC Series is available with either single or three-phase output in a range of power from 3 KVA to 9 KVA. Inputs are three-phase mains power with most models available with single-phase input.

The BLC Series delivers all the quality features our customers have come to expect from Behlman; clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion. A multi-pulse input transformer offers low-input harmonic distortion and high power factor as required by European standards. Unique protection circuitry provides for over-temperature protection; short-circuit protection and voltage fold-back during overloads to maintain undistorted waveforms.

BLC High Power,  AC Power Supplies
BLC Series
Model Power (VA) Output Volts VAC (RMS) Output Current (Amps) Frequency (Hz) Input Voltage (VAC) Dimensions (19” Rack-Mount) Description
BLC Series 3KVA - 9KVA 0-135 or 0-270 7.5 to 44 45 to 500 See Model See Model Variable voltage and frequency
  • Multi-Pulse Input Rectification – Low Harmonic Distortion
  • Fixed or Adjustable Volts & Frequency
  • Low cost per VA – Cost Savings
  • Rugged construction


Voltage                                    Refer to specification of specific model number

Frequency:                              47-63 Hz (contact factory for other frequencies)



Power:                                     3000 to 9000 VA

Voltage:                                   0-135 V, or 0-270 single phase or three phase, isolated

Resolution:                             1 V

Accuracy:                               +/-2 % of full scale       

Frequency:                             45-500 Hz (Option E: 45-1000 Hz)

Resolution:                            1 Hz

Accuracy:                               +/-2 Hz

Current:                                  7.5Amps/phase – 44mps/phase

Resolution:                            0.1 Amp, +/-1 digit

Accuracy:                              +/-2 % of full scale                                                                               

Crest Factor:                          3:1

Power Factor:                        100% of rated output into any power factor load

Distortion:                              3.0% THD typical, measured at full load, 115 Volts, 60 Hz                                  

Line Regulation:                     +/- 0.1% for +/- 10% line change

Load Regulation:                    +/- 0.7%, no load to full load

Efficiency:                              80% typical



Input:                                        Fast-acting main circuit breaker

Constant Current:                     Overload automatically causes voltage fold back to provide maximum current without distorting output waveform

Short Circuit:                           Short circuit electronically latches output open to protect load...power restored by cycling circuit breaker

Thermal:                                  Internal temperature sensor prevents heat damage



Power On/Off:                         Circuit breaker

Meters:                                   Three (3) DMM: True RMS Volts, True RMS Amps, Frequency

Voltage Adjust:                      Ten-turn potentiometer to adjust voltage

Frequency Adjust:                 Ten-turn potentiometer to adjust frequency

Line Drop:                             Allows for front panel adjustment of output to compensate for voltage drop over long distance

Output:                                  Toggle switch

Indicators:                             Power On, Constant Current, Over-temp, Overload Latch

External Synch:                    Synchronizes AC output with external input

Remote Control                    0-10 VDC programming for voltage and closure for output on/off...external synch



Dimensions:                           Refer to specification of specific model number

Weight:                                   Refer to specification of specific model number



Operating Temp:                   32° F to 131° F (0-55° C)

Humidity:                              0-95% RH non-condensing

Input Connections:               Barrier strip on rear

Output Connections:             Barrier strip on rear

Remote Control:                   DB-9 connector


        E:                                       Extended frequency range, 45-1000 Hz

        L:                                       Locking pot

        MA:                                   Mounting Angles (2 per chassis)

        MT:                                   Motor test

        R:                                      Ruggedized for use in areas with shock and vibration

        S:                                       Slides

        T:                                       Refer to specification of specific model number

        V:                                       Fixed output voltage  (ie 115 )

        F:                                       Fixed output frequency (ie 400)

        21-00:                                Cabinet with casters


 Contact factory for additional options.

For PDF copy of complete specification, please select model:
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