BL1350 Series

BL1350 AC Power Source, Frequency Converter

Behlman's BL1350 AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter / Inverter, requires just 3.5" of rack height, and weighs as low as 45 pounds, yet it delivers 1350 VA of quality AC power. In the BL 1350, you'll find the quality features you expect from Behlman, fully adjustable frequency and voltage, total harmonic distortion of less than 0.5%, high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation.

There's also a unique overload protection system that folds back the voltage to maintain maximum rated current without output wave form distortion and analog remote control. For rack mounted or bench top power, no AC source combines small size, high efficiency and low cost like the Behlman BL Series.

BL1350 AC Power Source, Frequency Converter
Single phase Frequency Converter
Model Power (VA) Output Volts VAC (RMS) Output (Amps) Output Frequency (Hz) Input Volts 1Ø VAC Dimensions (19” Rack-Mount) Description
BL1350B-1 1350 0-135 , 0-270 10, 5 45-500 120 3.5”H x 22”D Variable voltage and frequency
BL1350C-2 1350 0-135 , 0-270 10, 5 45-500 120/230 3.5”H x 22”D Variable voltage and frequency
BL1350C-4 1350 0-135 , 0-270 10, 5 45-500 120/208,,3Ø 3.5”H x 22”D Variable voltage and frequency
BL1350pf 1350 0-135 , 0-270 10, 5 45-500 95-270 3.5”H x 22”D Variable voltage and frequency
  • 1350VA in a 3.5" chassis, some models under 45 pounds
  • Parallelable for additional power or for 3 phase output
  • Unique overload protection prevents output distortion
  • Remote DC programming for voltage and frequency
  • True RMS readout of voltage and current


Low cost without compromising features or performance

In the BL1350 Series you’ll find the quality features you expect from Behlman. Fully adjustable voltage and frequency, low output THD, high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation. There’s also a unique overload protection system that folds back voltage to maintain rated current without output waveform distortion. Units are supplied with analog remote control and available with optional RS-232 and IEEE-488 remote control interfaces. Other options include extended frequency range out to 1000 Hz and motor test option, which has the capability to soft-start motors, pumps and compressors, thereby eliminating the need for high-power devices.

Small size, quiet operation and high efficiency make the BL1350 Series ideal for industrial product testing, precision avionic test, power conversion, ATE, bulk power and motor generator replacement.


Rugged, reliable and easy to use for a variety of applications:

  • Avionics and aircraft product testing
  • Aircraft simulator power
  • Industrial product testing
  • Power conversion

INPUT                                    See Model Selection Guide



Power:                                  1350 VA (Units can be stacked for increased power, or 2- or 3-phase output)

Voltage:                                0-135 VAC / 0-270 VAC  (Contact factory for additional voltages)

               Resolution:           1 V

               Accuracy:              +/-2 % of full scale

Frequency:                           45-500 Hz (Option E: 45-1000 Hz)

               Resolution:            1 Hz

               Accuracy:              +/-2 Hz

Current:                                10 Amps, 0-135 VAC Range, 5 Amps, 0-270 VAC Range

               Resolution:            0.1 Amp, +/-1 digit

               Accuracy:              +/-2 % of full scale

Crest Factor:                        3 : 1

Power Factor:                      100% of rated output into any power factor load

Distortion:                            0.5% THD typical, measured at full load, 100 Volts, 50 Hz

Line Regulation:                 +/- 0.1% for +/- 10% line change

Load Regulation:                +/- 0.7%, no load to full load

Efficiency:                             80% typical



Input:                                    Fast-acting main circuit breaker

Constant Current:              Overload automatically causes voltage fold-back to provide maximum current without distorting output waveform

Short Circuit:                       Short-circuit overload electronically latches output open to protect load...

                                               power restored by recycling circuit breaker

Thermal:                               Internal temperature sensor prevents heat damage



Power On/Off:                     Circuit breaker

Meter:                                   DMM: True RMS Volts, True RMS, Amps, Frequency

Volts adjust:                        Ten-turn pot to adjust voltage

Frequency adjust:              Ten-turn pot to adjust Frequency

Meter select switch:           Volts, Amps, Frequency

Indicators:                            Constant Current, Overtemp, Overload Latch

Phase adjust:                        Potentiometer (pot)

Output On/Off:                     Toggle switch

Range:                                    Hi/Lo Switch

Binding post:                         Hot, Neut, Gnd

Remote Control:                  0-10 VDC programming for voltage and frequency… contact closure for Output On/Off and range change

External Synch:                    Synchronizes AC output with external input



Dimensions:                         High-strength 19” (48.3 cm) rack mount chassis,

                                                3.5”H X 22”D (8.9 cm X 55.9 cm)

Weight:                                  BL1350B-1 & pf: 45 lbs (20.43 kgs), C-2 & C4: 70 lbs (31.78 kgs)

Operating Temperature:   32° to 131° F (0° to 55° C)

Input Connections:             Barrier strip on rear

Output Connections:          Binding posts on front and barrier strip on rear

PWM  In/Out:                        Barrier strip on rear

External Synch:                    Barrier strip on rear

Remote control:                   DB-9 connector

For PDF copy of complete specification, please select model:
▶ BL1350 AC Power Source, Frequency Converter


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