VPX 3U Series

VPX Power Supplies, VITA 62 VPX, 3U

Behlman Electronics, Inc. has developed a new engineering standard, VPXtra® 3U VITA 62 VPX, DC VPX power supplies, that supports the design, manufacture, operation and cooling of high-density COTS DC-DC power supplies.

Behlman VPXtra® series COTS power supplies are rugged, reliable, conduction cooled, switch mode units built for high-end industrial and military mission critical applications including airborne, shipboard, ground and mobile.

Behlman has the ability to reconfigure its standard units to meet customer requirements without the cost of full-custom development.

Behlman, The Power Solutions Provider!

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VPX Power Supplies, VITA 62 VPX, 3U
VPX 3U power supplies
Model Power (W) Output Volts Output Current Amps Cooling Input Voltage Dimensions Comments
VPXtra500M5 Spec. sheets 490 12, 3.3, 5 19, 15, 40 See Spec sheet 18 to 36 VDC (3U) 3.94”L x 6.63”W x .97”H
VPXtra700M 698 12, 3.3, 5 30, 25, 40 12, 3.3, 5 22 to 36 VDC (3U) 3.94”L x 6.63”W x .97”H
VPXtra700M-IQI 698 12, 3.3, 5 30, 25, 40 12, 3.3, 5 22 to 36 VDC (3U) 3.94”L x 6.63”W x .97”H
VPXtra700M Datasheet < < < < < < Click on the model # to request the data sheets
VPXtraHU700HV Spec. sheet 800 50 msec. typ. when used with VPXtra800 N/A See Spec sheets 230-310 VDC (3U) 3.94”L x 6.63”W x 1.27”H
VPXtraHU700HV Data sheet < < < < < < Click on the model # to request the data sheets
VPXtra800B Spec sheet 840 28, 3.3 30, 0.4 See Spec sheets 115/200 VAC +/- 20%, 3ø, (360-800Hz) or 270VDC (250-280VDC) (3U) 3.94”L x 6.63”W x .97”H
VPXtra800B Data sheet < < < < < < Click on the model # to request the data sheets
  • VPX VITA 62 compliant
  • Wide input range
  • High power DC output
  • Efficiency of 90% typical at full load
  • Conduction cooled at card edge
  • Conformal coating on PWB

3U VPX VITA 62 High Power Supplies with Auxiliary voltage

The Behlman VPXtra® series of COTS DC to DC power supply are rugged, highly reliable, conduction cooled, switch mode unit built for high-end industrial and mission critical military applications.

The VPXtra® power supplies have no minimum load requirement and have overvoltage and short circuit protection as well as over current and thermal protection. The power supplies are designed to support the rigors of mission critical airborne, shipboard, vehicle and mobile applications.

Designed and manufactured with Xtra-Coolingä technology, Xtra-Reliableä design and Xtra-Ruggedä construction makes the Behlman VPXtra® your best choice.

Rugged, reliable and easy to use for a variety of applications:

  • Hi-end Industrial
  • Military Airborne, Shipboard, Ground, Mobil and Industrial VPX systems


Voltage:                                 18 to 36 VDC



Power:                                   560 Watts

Voltage/Current:                    See individual specifications

Auxiliary:                               See individual specifications

Line Regulation:                    See individual specifications                                            .

Load Regulation:                   See individual specifications

PARD-Ripple & Noise:           50mV p.p. max

Efficiency:                              90% typical at full load

                                               91% typical at half load



Over Voltage:                        120% typical

Over Current:                        120% typical

Over Temp Warning:              See individual specifications

Over Temp:                            See individual specifications



Inhibit:                                    Output Off- active low

Enable:                                   Input On- active low


INDICATORS (Four LED’s for the following):

Input OK:                                  Green

Output Enable:                         Green

Output Fault:                             Red

Over Temp:                               Red




            Input to Output:                1250 VDC

            Input to Case:                   1250 VDC

            Output to Case:                100 VDC

MTBF IAW MIL HDBK-217F Notice 2:    336,000 hrs.


ENVIRONMENTAL (Temperature at card edge)

Temperature:                                       (IAW VITA 47)

Operating: (CC3)                                 -40°C to +71°C and 85°C

Storage:                                              -40°C to +105°C


MECHANICAL (1.0 inch pitch)

Dimensions:                                         3.94"L x 6.64"W x .97"H

Weight:                                                 1.7lbs

Input Connector:                                   P0-IAW O&C drawing 241XX  unit dependent

Output Connector:                                P1-IAW O&C drawing 241XX  unit dependent


Designed to meet the following MIL Standards

Shock:                                       MIL-STD-810

Vibration:                                   MIL-STD-810

Humidity:                                   MIL-STD-810

EMI:                                           MIL-STD-461

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