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An inverter is a power device that transforms DC to AC (Direct Current into Alternating Current). A typical application would be to convert your available battery or DC power to AC to power sensitive electronic devices that require clean, low distortion sine wave inputs (i.e. microprocessor based instruments and PLC's).

There are two types of "quality" inverters offered, "Pure sine wave" and "modified sine wave". A pure sine wave inverter produces a clean, regulated AC output with low distortion. A modified sine wave inverter produces an output that is a rectangular or stepped waveform where both the peak and RMS value is equal to a sine wave of the same magnitude, and is a lower cost alternative to the pure sine wave device.

Behlman manufactures both types of inverters.

Behlman Inverters are typically used in unmanned Sub-Stations and military Inverter applications

INV Series

The Behlman INV Series DC to AC Inverters deliver clean, regulated AC power from DC, in a rack mount chassis. The standard unit is a...


The Behlman ACDC-1250 Inverter delivers 1250 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a 5.25” high rack mount chassis. It was designed to...

Rugged, reliable and easy to use inverter for a variety of applications:
  • Backup power
  • Power SCADA system from your batteries
  • Power micro-processor devices from batteries
  • Clean regulated AC from DC power
  • Sub-Stations
  • Military Inverter Applications


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